History & social studies revision

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history key stage

This great value History bundle has been specially put together to really focus on creating a captivating learning environment and help your children achieve their potential, both in the classroom and beyond.
Discover 5 applications packed with fun and engaging content for children across Key Stage 1, 2 & 3 History

ancient rome

HistoryApps takes children's privacy very seriously and all our apps are COPPA compliant Find out More>

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Ancient Rome is now Available for Ipad and android tablets!

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viking history for kids

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Who were the Vikings? Where were they from? how did they live? Find out what life was like in Viking times!

Make your own Longship, write your name in Viking Norse alphabet and design Viking art."Viking For Kids" is a wide-ranging and richly documented app to learn everything about the Viking Age.Each section contains audio narration with fun facts, games and activities. Learn about Viking seafaring using interactive maps and follow the chronological timeline to step back into the Viking's amazing history!

  • World war One - for Kids

Teach children about World War One. Help children understand the impact of WW1. "A worthy foray through the grim years of World War I" Read the Full Kirkus Review here >>

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ww1 for ipad

western front ww1

Find out about life inside a First World War trench and discover facts about the great war.

the great war


World history for kids

World history for kids is a fun and exciting app that will develop curiosity about world's history and the epic tale of humankind. This App is currently featured in Apple Appstore Fun learning Age 9-11. Find out more..

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  • "Another great world history app designed for children ages 6 and up is World History for Kids. This wide-reaching educational app covers history as far back as Ancient Greece and Rome all the way up to the first man on the moon and the Space Race of the 1960s. Students are bound to love the audio narration, interactive clues, maps and charts. It’s hard not to get lost in the wide range of history this app covers, but it’s easy enough to navigate your way to other time periods to explore." Insider's guide

  • solar system kids app
  • ancient egypt  kids
  • history ks2

kid apps

High frequency words

This app is built for reception/year1 children to help them learn the first 45 high frequency words. Students can listen, trace and write each word on their own. Find out more >

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writing practice


  • Can you Count ?

Introduces children to numbers through fun and play. Find out more >

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learn to count

  • Handwriting Cursive practice

Write, Erase, Start again!
Learn how to write each letter of the alphabet in cursive with simple writing activities that can be practised again and again. Find out more >

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cursive writing practice



Multiplication - Times Tables

Fun activity to help children learn about multiplication and practice times tables. Find out more >

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learn the multiplication times tables


First chinese characters

By combining precision and poetry you will exercise your skills at reproducing characters and exploring the art of Chinese calligraphy. Find out more >

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learn chinese kids


English Friends

An app for English learners , play games, listen to stories and learn rhymes. A game that provide activities for children aged seven–eleven (Key Stage 2) new to English.. Find out more >

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Learn the time

Japanese for kids

Learn your first Japanese characters and understand their meaning. Create your own brush - Sumi-e masterpiece. Find out more >

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kanji learn


French for kids

Fun way to learn a second language and get started with French.

Find out more >

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french for kids

Cursive writing with Anatole

A game that teach writing Capital (Upper-case) cursive letters from A to Z. Find out more >

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  • tracing practice cursive


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